New Crochet-Along: Crochet Socks, Sideways!


I am officially declaring our Midsummer Night's Shawl crochet-along a huge success! Over 50 of you participated, making gorgeous shawls (some of you made more than one—you are crazy in the best way possible), sharing your love for crochet lace and demonstrating the incredible way we can each infuse the same pattern with our own character. I had a wonderful time, thank you!

 In fact, I had so much fun, let's do it again.


Something I love almost as much as lacy shawls: Woolly socks!!

I particularly love the Sydney's Sideways Socks by Brenda Anderson from our Crochet Accessories 2010 Special Issue. I made these socks in November for my grandmother's 90th birthday. She adored them so much, I think I might need a pair myself.


Here is the schedule for the Sydney's Sideways Socks CAL:
Today-March 10th: Order yarn and the pattern.
March 10th-March 20th: Get gauge!
March 20th-April 1st: Complete the increase section.
April 1st-April 20th: Complete the even section.
April 20th-May 1st: Complete the decrease section.
May 1st-May 7th: Finishing.
(Done in time for Mother's Day!)

This is assuming you are working the socks two-at-a-time, which I recommend for a number of reasons: Second Sock Syndrome (it's a dangerous thing), consistent gauge, and consistency in any changes you need to make to the pattern to accommodate your feet.


Here's what you will need:

2 skeins of Wisdom Yarns Poems Sock, distributed by Universal Yarn. From personal experience, I do not recommend yarn substitution on this project. I got halfway through one sock and had to frog it three times while trying to use a substitute yarn. Even though I got gauge on a small swatch, the Poems Socks has a unique construction (a single with some mild thick-and-thin, much like handspun) that I haven't encountered in any other commercial yarn. Besides, it is scrumptious and not too pricey for the yardage (and the colors, swoon).

A 2.5 mm hook, or the size needed to obtain gauge (for me, that is 2.75 mm).

A row counter (to save your sanity).

A tape measure (for checking gauge).

A yarn needle (for weaving in ends).

A handful of stitch markers (the pattern calls for one, which is the only one that is necessary, but I recommend at least three per sock, unless you live in a world where you can count to 100 without being interrupted…).

The pattern, of course, which can be found in our Crochet Accessories 2010 Special Issue, available in the Interweave Store in either magazine (until it sells out—quick, snag one!) or digital form.

I invite you to come introduce yourself in our CAL forum and tell us about your progress on the project. I'll see you over there!

Until next time,

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