New and Improved Sashay Scarf Pattern


Lorene Eppolite


I am a crocheter, I can knit but I really don’t like to but I love the Sashay ruffle scarfs and recently had an order for 12 of them from one of the stores I sell at. I used the method where you insert your hook every other stitch for 10-12 stitchesand then pull the last stitch through all the rest, but after crocheting a few of them I realized that I really didn’t like the way they were coming out. They weren’t full enough and they had a “flat” side and you could see the stitches.

I researched other ways to crochet the scarfs and wasn’t happy with that method either (3sc, ch2 or other variations of this method) they didn’t twist and curl the way I wanted them to.

So this is what I came up with, I’ve had the pattern tested and the testers agreed,this method works so much better. The scarfs are full and fluffy and they don’t have any flat parts you can also barely see (if you can see them at all) anystitches.

Materials List

one skein of Sashay Ruffle yarn in color of choice
5.5 mm hook

Finished Size

Approx 40″ long


no gauge


Fix each ruffle in between and after stitch and make sure that the stitches are as close as possible where it says in very next space as this is what locks the ruffle in place so that you can’t see the stitches.

The Pattern

click here for pattern

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