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Crochet Market Bags with Mary Beth Temple

In my television cabinet sits a large case full of DVDs whose main purpose is, it seems, to gather dust. I just don’t watch DVDs as much anymore. Most of my video watching is digital. This technological advance certainly takes up less space.

But the convenience doesn’t end there. Digital videos can be played on computers, TVs, tablets, and more. I love that I can take them with me; it’s so helpful when I need to look up a technique or stitch while traveling or waiting in the car.

With each of my past DVDs, I also threw away the bulky plastic case before storing them in a more compact folder. All of those cases are stacked somewhere in a landfill, and I don’t like to even think about that. Digital is an environmentally friendly way to continue to add crochet videos to my collection.

Interweave Crochet Spring 2014

And my print books, magazines, and patterns are even worse. Has anyone else run out of bookshelf space? I have so many books I have to continually rotate them—boxing pattern books up or going through containers to find that perfect pattern or how-to article I am sure I remember buying. All of my magazines are currently boxed and stored, and I have so many paper patterns I can’t easily sort through them to find a specific design. Digital to the rescue.

My digital books, patterns, and magazines are precisely organized into folders on my computer. The best thing is that with digital you don’t accidently put them back on the wrong shelf or leave them behind at a friend’s house. If you find you really need a paper copy of the pattern you are working, it is simple to print just the pages you need. You save a lot of paper not printing the entire book or magazine. And keeping the pattern on a phone or tablet is very convenient!

Lotus Sweater by Megan Granholm

Update your library, minimize space, and save the environment and download a digital video, magazine, or pattern today. Hurry and take advantage of our digital sale!

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