Never an athlete

I'm tempted by the Knitting Olympics, kids. And I need your help to decide whether to join in. Please pipe up.

Here's the deal:

  1. I'm attracted to undertaking the challenge to knit something in only 16 days. I may be a slacker at completing crochet projects, but I'm worse at completing knitting projects. Plus, this is a terribly clever blog event put on by the queen bee of knit bloggers.
  2. Crochet makes a ton more sense to me than knitting does. I get crochet in a way that makes me fully comfortable doing absolutely anything with it — it's like no one technique is harder than any others — this is part of why I love writing about it. But when it comes to knitting, I'm on the other side. I really enjoy it, but I don't have an intuitive understanding of it; it's pretty much magic. There's a mass of knitting projects swimming in the wishlist in my head, and I'm aware that I'm not starting them because I know the reality won't match the romance of anticipation. Cables, short rows, socks…
  3. It will be a challenge to my flighty tendencies to meet a self-imposed knitting deadline. Not in a good way. In a way that makes me fairly certain I'll be setting myself up to FAIL. I have no fear of failing, but really. I work in a field fraught with deadlines. Do I need deadlines in my free time?
  4. Wrt #3, if I were to succeed, it would feel fabulous. That's the beauty of challenging yourself, no?
  5. I'm not a big fan of watching the Olympics. Actually, that might be a good thing — not paying attention means I might knit faster.
  6. Since I spend so much time at this computer (*strokes and lavishes love upon beautiful PowerBook*), I actually want to spend more time being active, not sitting on my butt in front of the toob.
  7. There's a fab Team Canada blog, and they're making shirts. I have been known to do far more ridiculous things to get a free shirt. These shirts cost a fortune, as far as shirts go, but I'm an admitted schwag whore. I won't lie and say this isn't making me lean more toward joining.
  8. Wrt #7, if I join in part because I want the cool shirt, won't I feel like even more of a slack if I let my team down in the end?

So. These are my thoughts. I'm torn and I need your help. To join, or not to join?

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