National Thrift Shop Day: 3 Ways to Add Crochet to Thrift Store Finds

Happy National Thrift Shop Day! Upcycled fashion, or refashioning, is a way to make thrift store finds feel new again. Many garments you find at the thrift store don’t fit well or look dated. But there’s hope! Many sewists find inspiration from blogs like New Dress a Day and Our Life is Beautiful. Crocheters can take part in refashioning too! Here are 3 ways to refashion with crochet and get on the upcycling bandwagon.

1. Use a mandala.

national thrift shop day

You might remember this fantastic WIP post from my friend Susanna. She found a solid-colored tank top, inserted a cardboard backing, placed the crochet mandala on the top’s front, and sprayed some bleach with a spray bottle. Voila! A mandala outline appeared on her shirt! Susanna referenced Brenda K. B. Anderson’s Doily Tank pattern for this project. If you love your crocheted mandala and don’t want to bleach it, appliqué it to a shirt, dress, or bag. Pin it in place before sewing, then use a sewing needle and sewing thread to attach.

2. Add an edging.

A crochet edging can liven up an otherwise boring garment, and it can improve your thrift-store find in a number of ways. First,, it can also help a thrift store purchase achieve better fit. If you find a great garment second-hand with too short sleeves or too short pant legs, add a crochet edging! However, if the garment fits fine or is too long, a crochet edging could be a great way to hide the hem of a garment you’ve cut shorter. Finally, you can use it for purely decorative purposes along the bottom of a shirt, skirt, or along a collar. Crochet edging looks great just about everywhere. Find an edging from one of your favorite patterns, or try some of the great edging options from the Top Down Crochet Edgings eBook.

3. Make a crochet patch.

Garments from the thrift store often wear out or develop holes. To patch them up with a touch of character, attach a crochet motif as a patch. Any crochet motif will work. If you want the motif to be smaller than the pattern calls for, simply use a smaller hook or yarn weight. This is also a great way to use up small crochet swatches. Check out this post on patching up old jeans for a couple of ideas.

These are a just few ideas to help get you started. How will you refashion your thrift store finds? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Happy refashioning!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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