National Dog Day: Does Your Dog Wear Sweaters?

Dogs’ lives are short. Their only fault, really. – Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Many dog lovers work here at Interweave. Project Editor Laura Hulslander rescues Greyhounds. One of the members of our ad sales team, Marilyn Koponen, does the same for Bernese Mountain Dogs. Editor Hannah Baker and I both have senior dogs. Her Labrador, Girlfriend, is pushing ten. My Lab, Lucy, will turn twelve in November.

Lucy had the honor of being the first dog featured on the InterweaveCraft Instagram feed. Woof!

Editor Sara Dudek is currently raising Archie, a mutt that she rescued as a puppy. He has just turned one, and up to this point he has managed to not only graduate from formal puppy training, but has also survived destroying some of Sara’s knit and crochet projects.

Many of us here have gone “all in” with the love that is required to devote to a canine friend. Those furry creatures who wait for us to come home every day from our crafty jobs are too good for us. Soulful eyes, and happy, slobbery, toothy smiles as they pant with enthusiasm at our arrival makes the end of each workday a love-fest.

On National Dog Day, we are compelled to posit the really tough question about how deep your love might go: does your dog wear a sweater?

Practical vs. Ornamental

Lucy wears a fleece vest in the snow.  This is a zip-up job that helps with the cold when we take her out in the depths of a Rocky Mountain winter. She has a rather sparse undercoat and is not naturally protected by layers of fur on her belly.

In my mind, I am helping her. But does she need that vest? Or am I only playing to a sense of whim that says, but she looks so stinkin’ cute? This only garment of Lucy’s does have a true purpose. It really is meant to keep her warm. I don’t dress my dog for kicks. Not even for Halloween.

I asked Sara what her plans are for Archie’s wardrobe. “Oh yeah. I haven’t made anything for him yet. I won’t be doing that until he learns to stop chewing on yarn.” So, she does have plans to dress her dog – eventually. And Laura has made a sweater for one of those rescued Greyhounds. Here is Beau in his ribbed sweater looking rather dapper:

National Dog Day

She has no further plans to outfit any of the dogs that follow Beau. “Greyhounds are kind of big. He put up with wearing it, but I don’t think he truly enjoyed it.” Well, that’s fair. Look at his face – he’s kind of saying c’mon, man.

I asked Meghan Babin, editor of Interweave Knits, if she had ever made anything for her “niece pup”, Sydney, a mini-Goldendoodle that lives in Brooklyn.

“What do you mean?”
“I mean, have you ever knit a garment for your sister’s dog.”
“Would you —?”

And Hannah, after ten years of puppy parenting, would never consider it. “If I’m going to knit, it’s going to be for me. I really think that if I dressed Girlfriend, she would find a way to disrobe herself.” These humans really seem to have a true sense of what would work and what wouldn’t when it comes to their canine companions.

Dog Sweaters for All My Friends

Canine love just happens to be one of the purest forms of love. Expressing that love may include sweaters, and even if Hannah and Meghan aren’t down for it, it’s okay. In fact, we have a handful of suggestions for you that may take your dog lovin’ to an entirely new level!

But only if the dog is comfortable with it.

Fetching Dog Sweater, Bag & Mittens

national dog day

Your dog will not stick out like a sore thumb here. Why? Because your accessories match! That’s right, crafters, this ensém can only be carried out if you participate! And you want to, right? I mean, obviously.

Simple Gifts for Dog Lovers

Photo Credit: Getty | Daniel Baksza / EyeEm

You won’t be able to resist these 10 adorable, easy projects that pamper your pooch. Projects include striped dog coats, a felt dog bed, a patchwork dog blanket, and matching scarves for pooch and owner. Novice crafters can make adorable bone-shaped key rings, paw-print slippers, or a picture frame for Fido’s portrait in an evening or two.

Dog Walker Knitting Pattern

Stroll the streets in style with this striped dog sweater and matching mitts for the leash-holding human. Knitted in Muench Tessin, a warm, colorful chunky wool blend that’s (conveniently) machine-washable.

Scottie Dog Cushion

national dog day

Make your own dog! This cute extreme crocheted Scottie Dog Cushion is absolutely perfect for a bed, sofa or even a floor. Using funky T-shirt yarn, the dog is crocheted in rows from the tail to the head. The shaping is achieved by simply increasing or decreasing stitches at the beginning and ends of the rows.

How will you be celebrating National Dog Day? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

Love and tail wags,


Header Image: Getty Images | Tara Gregg / EyeEm

A Project for Your Pooch!


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