National Cuddle Up Day

It might be the cold weather, it might be a natural human need for cozy vibes. All we know is, we are going to be cuddling up to our favorite things on National Cuddle Up Day. A few members of the Interweave staff described for us their favorite handmade cuddle up items. Stay warm during these winter months, and don’t forget to cuddle!

I come from a family of craftspeople, so I didn’t actually make my favorite cuddly blanket! Right before I left for college, my grandmother crocheted me a ripple afghan in blue and white acrylic yarn. It’s warm, utterly indestructible, and—most importantly—made with love. I think of her every time I snuggle up under it.

—Laura Hulslander

My most cozy, cuddly moments are when I’m sitting on my couch, under a handmade quilt, a cup of something warm on the end table next to me, our woodburner crackling in the background, a gentle snow falling outside the window, and knitting in my hands. No matter the project I’m working on, I can’t think of a snugglier place to be.

—Kerry Bogert

cuddle up

The Tanawha Wrap that Lindsay finds so very cuddly.

In 2015 I made the Tanawha Wrap by Erica Schlueter from Interweave Knits, Winter 2015 and I am so glad I did. It has turned out to be the softest, squishiest, warmest knit I own, and I always reach for it first when I need to snuggle up for warmth. I’ve been known to wear it on the couch while watching TV or taking a nap. It’s the best!

—Lindsay Smith

My go-to-cold-weather-snuggle-up-in knitwear is the Tara Jacket by Ashley Rao, from knitscene Winter 2013. Made in bulky yarn with a super unique construction, this beauty is warm and cozy and chock a block full of great winter memories. I’d never installed a zipper on knitwear before, so this was an exciting learning experience for me. Not to mention I finished the whole sweater on a day when our office was closed due to snow!

—Louisa Demmitt

cuddle up

The coziest thing I’ve ever knit was my Cormac Sweater from knitscene Fall 2015, designed by Leah Thibault. It has an allover mesh lace pattern, but that I hardly notice that when I wear it. The Shibui Maai it calls for is smooshy, wonderful, and super warm because of the alpaca and wool blend. I wear it on days when I just want to feel like I’m wearing a security blanket!

—Hannah Baker

To echo Laura’s sentiment, my favorite cuddle up item isn’t self-made either, but it is a family heirloom from my husband’s crafty clan. Within one year of getting hitched, I found a crocheted blanket created by his maternal grandmother. It came out of storage and after twelve years of marriage, remains draped over any number of places around our house.  Even the colors – peach, cream and mint green – illicit a certain kind of cozy, cuddly, calm.

—Jenn Rein

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