Why Crochet is the Best Thing We’ve Ever Done

Here at the Interweave office, we have a group of women who have formed a mini-guild of crocheters affectionately called “The Crochet Corner.” We talk about crochet and work with yarn, share ideas, and tackle problems. We range in skill levels and preferences, but the diversity makes it that much more fun. Since it is National Craft Month, I asked the Crochet Corner gals what keeps a hook in their hands, and why they can’t live without crochet.

What do they love about crochet? And what are they planning to make next?

I’ve been a knitter for 15 years, but I resisted learning to crochet until a few months ago. Now that I’ve started, I’m falling in love with it fast!

I spent my first few weeks crocheting pot holders to practice my stitches, and I just recently finished up my very first full crochet project, the Ombré Cowl and Fingerless Mitts from Marly Bird’s Cold Weather Crochet. That project went so well that I’m moving on to a project from Crochetscene 2017 that’s marked “Intermediate”: the Bee’s Knees Beret!

national craft month

Andrea’s beginner effort centered around the Ombre Cowl and Fingerless Mitts, and now she is off and running straight to another project. We have enticed another knitter, people.

I’m a little bit nervous about tackling an intermediate project so soon after learning to crochet, but the challenge of learning new techniques is what keeps me coming back to crafting. Susanna Tobias, our crochet project editor, assures me that the Bee’s Knees Beret will be the good kind of challenge—the kind that sucks me further into the endless possibilities and challenges of crochet.

Andrea Lotz, social media manager – beginner crocheter

I know that there are many ways to answer this, but for me, the simple answer is yarn! I know it’s not quite what you expected, but it’s so true. I keep crafting because there are so many yarns out there that I can’t wait to use in some sort of creation. Right now, I’m into variegated or gradient yarns and hats.

national craft month

Honeysuckle Hat? Yes, please!

Why those? Well, the yarns because I love to see how the variegated colors work in crochet, and the hats because they’re somewhat of an instant gratification project. In fact, if I had to choose a project/yarn pairing that I’d like to try next, I’d go with Zauberball Yarn and the Honeysuckle Hat from Interweave Crochet Fall 2011. I think it would be so neat to see how the variegated yarn works with the cables.

Susanna Tobias, project editor, Interweave Crochet and Love of Crochet  – advanced crocheter

National Craft Month has me thankful for the women who taught me the value of handmade. My mom taught me the joy of crafting throughout my childhood, my grandmother taught me to crochet as a teenager, and my twin sister reintroduced me to crochet after a three-decade hiatus to paper crafting.

National Craft Month

Dana’s love of crocheted toys has her considering these monsters as a bicycle handlebar accessory. Go for it, Dana!

Though my grandmother and sister specifically inspired my crochet, I believe my mom’s influence has had the biggest impact on the types of things I like to make with hook and yarn. The variety of projects we crafted when I was a kid instilled a love of all things handmade—and for crochet—that translates into a love of everything from toys to items for the home to gifts I can make for friends.

I seriously cannot put down the Interweave Crochet Home 2015 because it has patterns for all the things I love to crochet. I want to make one of the monsters from the Monster Love Mobile and attach him to the handlebars of my mountain bike, a Woven Ottoman for my family room, and several Limpet Chair Pads for my boyfriend’s dining chairs. This special issue is so inspiring, I’ll be crocheting this month and beyond.

Dana Bincer, associate editor, Love of Crochet– advanced crocheter

I have been crafting since I was a young kid. There are two main reasons I still just can’t put my hook down. First, I am always up for a challenge! I’ve been crocheting long enough that I love finding a pattern that’s so unique and intricate that it compels me to sit down and figure it out. The two advanced patterns I can’t wait to try next are the Labyrinth Sweater from Interweave Crochet Winter 2017, designed by Natasha Robarge, and Doris Chan’s Nightshade Skirt from Crochetscene 2017.

national craft month

Sara’s approach is very much about personal style. We can’t wait to see her model this skirt when she is done!

I also find myself needing crochet time for my own mental health. If I’m feeling especially stressed, I know some time sitting down to figure out a pattern and working my way through the stitches will help me get back on track. Crochet time is always the cure for a stressful day!

Sara Dudek, associate editor, Interweave Crochet– advanced crocheter

My love affair with yarn began when I came to work at Interweave a few years ago. Before working here I had no particular interest in crochet, but now I can’t imagine my life without it. At the end of a hard day, I can grab a hook and work up a simple hat in front of the TV to wind down. Or if I’m in the need for a more engaging pastime, I can hook into something a bit more complicated, like a pair of socks or a shawl. I’m hankering to try Yumiko Alexander’s Sea Turtle Shawl from Rustic Modern Crochet, a pattern specifically designed for crochet lacework.

national craft month

Lisa is working up the Sea Turtle Shawl (L) from Rustic Modern Crochet, while Sara’s hook is moving to complete the Labyrinth Sweater (R) from Interweave Crochet Winter 2017.

As I grow in skill, the world of crochet blossoms before me. I eye more advanced projects and thirst to figure them out. Besides making the projects, my favorite thing is wearing them. There is nothing like the feeling of wearing something I put time and effort into!

Lisa Espinosa, editorial coordinator, Interweave Books – intermediate crocheter

Thank you so much for joining me and the gals from the Crochet Corner as we waxed poetic about our favorite craft. What are your favorite projects that you can recommend for our next crochet adventures?

We are saluting National Craft Month and crafters everywhere, and hope your hands are joining in on the fun!

– Lisa

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