National Craft Month Is All the Excuse We Need

As far as holiday’s go, National Craft Month ranks right up there with Christmas and Superbowl Sunday for me. It’s a time I anticipate months in advance and make plans to celebrate with family and friends. This time of year you’ll find me crocheting in public, starting new projects and buying more hook-alicious goodies like yarn, books, and hooks, not to mention quirky shirts, mugs and project bags.

National Craft Month is all the excuse my friends and I need to crochet something pretty or goofy, teach a friend or relative to crochet, learn a new technique or stitch, and splurge on things we didn’t get for Christmas. It’s a time we can shamelessly indulge in our craft because it is a national holiday after all! If someone asks us why we craft, we can say, “It’s National Craft Month. Why aren’t you?”

This important holiday wouldn’t be possible without the awesome companies that bring us cool new products. Below you’ll find fun crafty things from companies you might not have thought of like Eucalan, ChiaoGoo and Penguin Random House. And to feed our yarn habits, more yarn from our friends at Skacel, Red Heart, Musk Ox Farm, DMC and LoveCrochet which you can use this month and throughout the year to come.


ChiaoGoo Crochet Sampler:
“Crotes“ note card set, Crochet hook case, three crochet hooks, a Tunisian flexible hook and circular hook and a bamboo holder.

A sumptuous blend of baby alpaca, mulberry silk and linen, HiKoo® Rylie is simply ravishing. Now available in hand-painted hues!

Red Heart
Cool Canvas Yarn Art
Celebrate National Craft Month & Create your own Red Heart yarn art! Use the provided heart template, or draw your own shape.
Download Free Pattern

Trust Eucalan Delicate Wash to keep your exquisite handmade creations clean year-round. Infused with pure essential oils, there’s a refreshing scent for everyone.

Penguin Random House
Listen While You Crochet!
Receive a copy of Fannie Flagg’s THE WHOLE TOWN’S TALKING, a crafting booklet, and other great giveaways!

Musk Ox Farm
Have a BALL!
Click here for 20% off our Gently Hand-Combed Qiviut yarn. Happy Craft Month from the Musk Ox Farm!

Super chunky DMC Natura XL knits up super-fast. Soft, long staple, 100% combed cotton. Matte finish. Perfect for knitting & crochet.
Add all 56 shades of Paintbox Cotton DK to your stash! Check out LoveCrochet’s entire yarn collection.