Handmade Fun for National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month. Show off your mad knitting and crochet skills by making a handlebar ornament or top-tube cozy!

I crocheted a small companion for my bike. The little monster is holding a heart—a symbol of how much I love crochet and biking! He keeps me company on my rides and makes everyone along the trail smile. I often hear hikers ask each other if they saw the stuffed animal along for the ride on my handlebars.

Have you knitted or crocheted something for your bike? Leave a comment to tell me about what you made. If you haven’t but want to, do you have an idea in mind? Please share—I’d love to know!


The yarn bomber that targeted this bike in the Netherlands has the right idea! Would you knit or crochet adornments for National Bike Month? What would you make? (Photo Credit: Josef F. Stuefer/Moment Open | Getty Images)

Handmade Bling for Your Bike!

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