Naida Medallion Cowl

Begun with the largest sized hook and worked in the first round of the spiral to fit comfortably around your shoulders with ease, this easy-to-custom-fit cowl is shaped upward through the yoke by reducing the size of the hook. This shrinks the gauge and therefore tightens the stitches. You can also wear this piece as a crochet capelet, and the tighter gaug will give you a fitted yoke over the shoulders.

Using an ombre dyed yarn is a fun way to add bold color interest to a design. Each ball is worked from the opposite end so the ombre color changes only once. Wear it up around your neck, with folds of fabric, for a bold, pretty crochet cowl that easily lied flat under a coat. Or pull it down over your shoulders for a capelet to wear as the focal accessory to a more casual weekend outfit.

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