Nab the Virus!

Due to my magnetic personality (heh), I imagine my email address finds itself in many, many readers' address books, most unknown to me. This probably explains why I'm receiving a half dozen emails a day that are infected with a virus. Thankfully, I have good virus protection, and I never open attachments from addresses I don't trust (or that don't contain subject lines leading me to believe they're Cm submissions). But I'd really love not be be under constant attack. It's a silly waste of time. So.

If not for your own security and the interest of maintaining calm in your everyday computer use, then at least for my sake, please don't open email attachments unless you trust the sender! Or, if you insist on doing such a ridiculous thing, please go through your email address book and remove the addresses of those people you don't want constantly bombarded with nuisance emails.

Here's a link to info about the current virus nuisance, as provided by my trusted virus program.

**Disclaimer** Sorry if I sound cranky. No, wait. I am cranky. I got up at 4:30 this morning, and am now writing this at 10am from Gate 32 of Newark Liberty International Airport. And I had three infected emails waiting for me when I logged on. And the coffee I had isn't kicking in. And did I mention I'm cranky? I'll feel better tomorrow, when I'll pay lots of attention to fixing the things I broke when I launched the new issue.

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