Mystery Craft Challenge: Make it Work & Reap the Rewards

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows that it can be, at times, a thankless and difficult job. Let’s face it, no one ever calls customer service to tell them what a great job they’re doing. In an effort to boost morale and have a little fun during the busy holiday season, I put together a few mystery boxes for the crafters in the customer service department.

There were 3 categories to choose from: knitting, crochet, and jewelry making. The mystery boxes consisted of all the materials and notions needed to complete a project. The only stipulation to the challenge was that the participants had to use either a pattern or design from the Interweave website, or they had to create one of their own. Two knitters, two crocheters, and two jewelry makers participated.

Crochet a Mystery

Judee and Suzanne selected the crochet mystery box, and both of them chose to create their own design. Suzanne had the Plymouth Yarn Homestead Tweed Pale Moss Tweed (90% Wool, 10% Donegal) to work with, and she devised a lovely cowl using double crochets, shell stitches, and triple crochet cross stitches. She had enough yarn to make 3 cowls! She kept one for herself, then gave one to her mother and daughter.

Judee picked the box with the Malabrigo worsted yarn in the red colorway. She crafted a gorgeous scarf that could also be used as a wrap.

Knit a Mystery

The knitters, Debbie and Michelle, both had the Plymouth Yarn Homestead Tweed Pale Moss Tweed (90% Wool, 10% Donegal). Debbie chose to make an Interweave project. She picked The Rainbow Cowl. Debbie said that the pattern was easy to follow and was very happy with the way the project turned out. Michelle opted to create a design of her own using the Knit Stitch Dictionary to create the pattern for her shawl.

Michelle stated, “I may not have ended up with a finished project for the Mystery Box Challenge, but I did learn a thing or two. The main lesson I learned is to stress less. It is very hard to enjoy something you love, such as knitting, when you are continually worrying and stressing. I think I need to make this one of my New Year’s Resolutions!”

Craft a Mystery

Mary Ann and Heidi, the jewelry makers, both got the same materials in their mystery box. Their supplies included 3 wooden medallions, 3 necklace chains, design paper, and craft glue. It was so fun to see how each one of them used their creativity to come up with some fantastic ideas. Heidi made 3 separate necklaces, and used some of her own supplies to adorn the jewelry. Mary Ann combined all 3 medallions on one necklace, and went for a more vibrant color scheme with her design.

We all had so much fun putting this together, and I hope it inspires other crafters to think beyond the written pattern to create something beautiful and unique.

Keep on hookin’ on,

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  1. Suzanne V at 2:09 pm January 13, 2018

    It was great fun to crochet the cowl. I created an easy pattern that a beginner could do with ease and not be too boring for an experienced crafter.

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