My Wishlist for Quick Gifts

The countdown has begun! I have just under three weeks to finish all of my Christmas gifts. Okay, give me a few minutes to stop panicking.

This is that time of year when I reevaluate my gift-giving list. It’s time to look for beautiful and easy crochet accessories that I can whip up quickly for thoughtful and fast gifts.

Rustic-Modern-Crochet-thumb.jpgThere are lots of great crochet scarf patterns in Rustic Modern Crochet. The scarves are all fashion pieces as well, worked with ruffles, shell silhouettes inspired by nature, or bulky yarn like the Water Lily scarf (at right).

This crochet scarf is worked in chunky-weight yarn on a large hook, so I can finish and wrap it in a couple of evening. The crochet shells are very elegant and the chunky yarn is very fashionable right now.

Rapunzel ScarfAnother fabulous crochet scarf is the Rapunzel Scarf. This scarf also utilized the popular chunky design and an eye-catching plaited design. I have one of my own in dark green, and I know several friends who would love one of their own.

You can get this pattern as a digital download or, for a limited time, we have kitted this pattern in three fun bright colors. In the Rapunzel Scarf Kit you’ll receive 6 skeins of yarn in addition to the digital pattern.

Clever-Crocheted-Accessories-thumb.jpgSaturday Beret from Clever Crochet Accessories is a beautiful and easy example of Bruges lace. You really need to see the beautiful back of this beret, circles of crochet worked in the back loop only are joined as you go in chain loops to create a simple circular design that has beautiful drape.

You can work this crochet hat in wool for just the right amount of warmth on a chilly evening or explore silk or cotton for a beret that is perfect for a friend living in a warmer climate. Best of all, I know I can whip this hat out in an evening.

BlueberryTrellisHat.jpgThe Blueberry Trellis Hat is another go-to gift giving pattern for me. I have made several as gifts already. For the last one, I worked the crochet cable band in a short evening, taking the hat with me the following evening to my local yarn shop.

Every knitter commented in amazement when I quickly finished the crown while visiting. I even had extra time to browse the rows of yarn and pick up a couple skeins for my next project.


The Snow Queen Beret from Crochet Ever After is already in my queue. This is a brand new book, and I am so excited about many of Brenda’s designs. The Snow Queen Beret looks like it would work up quickly and easily, and the post stitch snow flakes on the crown of the hat are beautiful.

This crochet hat is stylish, but would still be warm enough for the my family members who love cold, snowy winters.

Next year, I promise, once again, that I will start my gift crocheting earlier, but until then these fantastic crochet products will save the holidays. These products are all available in electronic versions, so you can download them and get started crocheting quick crochet gifts immediately–in case you are in the same situation I am.

Happy Holiday Crocheting!

P.S. How is your gift-giving crochet coming?



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