My UFO Basket

Have you ever found a pattern that instantly intrigued you? You immediately set about finding the perfect yarn in the perfect shade, and you could just envision the completed project. Settled into the perfect crocheting location, you dug through your hook case for the proper size hook. But the hook wasn't there. I know I have at least 2 hooks in each size, so I hate when that happens. Invariably I realize where the absent hook is, languishing with one unfinished project or other in my UFO basket. I'm not sure how many UFOs I have accumulated but I would venture a guess you could count them on both hands, well maybe both hands of two people. How do they accumulate so quickly? Why does a project end up in the UFO basket? When I conceived the idea for this blog the other day, I had a plan. And it was the perfect plan. I have a beautiful summer top in my UFO basket. All it lacks are a couple of short, flirty sleeves, weaving in a few loose ends, and blocking. This blog would give me the motivation to finish the top and write a short piece on finishing a UFO.
But when I found myself with an hour to kill yesterday and a hook, ball of rich burnt orange yarn, and a quick pattern handy, I couldn't resist. The delicate summer top has moved to the top of the UFO basket, but if I pick it up I will merely replace it with a different UFO. So what pushes a project into the black abyss of the UFO basket? Maybe a project is pushed aside when something new catches my eye, that particular project simply isn't handy and I simply HAVE to crochet, or the project is out of season or I fear it will no long fit me well. Perhaps it doesn't matter why a project sits in my UFO basket. How do I get it out of the basket into my closet? Have you found any good motivators or do you also suffer from severe UFOitis?

~Toni Rexorat

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