My Top 3 Crochet Tips

The New Year will be here in just two and a half months. It is the perfect opportunity to try something new and add the perfect piece to your closet. As you are looking for the ideal next crochet step, here are my top three crochet tips:


1. Find inspiration from other designers

Have you tried Tunisian crochet, or mosaic crochet? Explore top-down seamless sweaters with Doris Chan's Top-Down Seamless Crochet. The possibilities are endless. Look to other crochet designers for inspiration on your next project. You can preview how each crochet technique is worked and see a variety of finished project. Then you can choose the perfect design for your next project. The excitement is infectious.


2. Figure out what you love and stick with itor don't

We all have a favorite design, technique, or stitch. I have a drawer full of crochet hats, and I have repeatedly gifted beanies and caps to family. I love designing my own hats as well, and I learned a lot from Robyn Chachula's workshop, Design Your Own Crochet Hat.

But sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone; try something new. You may discover another favorite design style!


3. Don't be afraid to make mistakes

This is the advice I probably stress the most. If you are a beginning crocheter or are attempting a new crochet stitch or technique, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Many mistakes will only be visible to you while others can be easily fixed.  If you are still worried about making mistakes, Lily Chin's video workshop, The Crocheter's Toolbox: Lily Chin's Techniques and Tricks for Savvy Crocheters, is perfect for you. Lily will show you how to avoid some of the most common crochet mistakes while offering tips and tricks for embellishment and construction.

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P.S. What are the most common mistakes you run into?

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