My New Adventure as the Crochet Me Editor

My first real crochet project was a lap blanket comprised of different colored stripes. Each stripe was worked in a different crochet pattern, from bobbles to lace, which I found in an old booklet of afghan stitch designs. The stitch patterns didn't all exactly compliment each other, but I couldn't get myself to pick just one stitch, and samplers are a great way to learn. I wanted to absorb everything immediately, and each pattern and stitch represented its own adventure into the world of crochet.

Before the blanket was even finished, however, I discovered thread crochet and wanted to explore that technique. So my next pattern was a pair of thread baby booties.

Fifteen years later I am still always on the lookout for a new technique or trick to try. And I have been blessed to experience a continuing saga of crochet adventures (complete with embarrassing stories), increased my knowledge of the craft along the way, and made lots of crochet friends—I had dinner this week with one of my crochet icons, Lily Chin. We spent hours talking about new crochet techniques and how to incorporate them into innovative designs. I'm one of the lucky ones to have a job where I'm immersed in crochet all day, every day!

As the new online editor for Crochet Me, I am excited to share my crochet knowledge with all of you. And I'm looking forward to learning from you as we crochet together. Crochet Me has grown tremendously in the last year, thanks to your community spirit, and I'm thrilled be a part of this community as it continues to develop with more technique videos, free patterns, more crochet resources, and growing friendships.

Interweave Crochet editor Marcy Smith and project editor Sarah Read will continue to join us on Crochet Me with their blogs. We will also be joined by Interweave Crochet's new assistant editor Sharon Zientara. So make plans to stop by frequently.

Thanks for joining me for the next phase of my crochet adventure! I can't wait to hear what you love about Crochet Me and your ideas on how we can continue to improve it.

Best wishes,

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