My Must-Have Interweave Products–All 40% Off!

For the rest of today, all the books and many of the products in the Interweave store are on sale during our Customer Appreciation Sale. This is a great time to fill out your crochet bookshelf.

Here, I've highlighted some products I have on my shelf– and a few that I want to have. 

2011 Interweave Crochet Calendar

This calendar has two things I love: The promise of organization and crochet motifs, which are lovely to look at and fun to make. Even though I have an online calendar and an iPhone to keep me on task and reminded of meetings, I like having a wall calendar to gauge the days. Throughout 2010, I have loved seeing both the Spin-Off calendar and the Quilting Arts calendar in my office, and I am thrilled to have a crochet calendar for 2011. It includes the patterns for each month's motif. 

2004-2006 Interweave Crochet Collection

These out-of-print magazines are bundled up in a format that takes up just a smal bit of space on the shelf. Easy to navigate, this CD has the complete magazine, as it appears in print, but without the dog-eared corners and slightly tattered covers (or is that just me?) And, of course, if you didn't catch these early issues when they came out, now is the chance. Another CD includes the four issues from 2006-2007. It's a perfect gift for yourself or a crocheting friend.

101 Stitches to Crochet

by Erika Knight

I just love these cards. Packed in a chubby box like oversize playing cards, this collection features cards with a detail photo of a swatch on one side and swatch directions, both written out and in a diagram, on the reverse. It's an excellent tool when you're trying to find just the right pattern stitch for a blanket, scarf or even a sweater.

Blueprint Crochet

by Robyn Chachula

This collection of designs is presented in diagram format. So, instead of having row-by-row written directions, each pattern is explained in stitch diagrams. The first chapter explains how to follow the diagrams. Following chapters help you build your skills, starting with a simple necklace and a bag, leading to lovely garments in a range of sizes. This is an excellent book for the visual crocheter.

200 Braids to twist, knot, loop or weave

by Jacqui Carey

As soon as this book came into the house, my daughter grabbed it up and started twisting together all manner of strings, following the clear step-by-step photos. Many bracelets later, she let me take a look. These braids are excellent finishes for crocheted projects–sweaters, bags, ornaments and more. It's also an excellent way to keep a tween busy for hours.


Yarn Bag

Perfect for hand-crocheted presents, this bag makes short work of stylishly presenting gifts that defy regular wrapping.  And aftward, the recipient has a handy tote bag for projects (or maybe you want your own for a project bag).

This is just a tiny sampling of the many Interweave products on sale right now–but just until 11.:59 p.m. MDT tonight.




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