My Holiday 2014 Wishlist

Black Friday is officially here. I have always disliked the idea shouldering my way through heavy holiday crowds or fighting for the best deals. In fact, this year my entire family is celebrating our Thanksgiving on Black Friday. So, today it's stuffing and snowmen with my nieces instead of cash registers and car doors.

But that doesn't mean I won't be taking advantage of a few of the great deals out there. I'll sneak a few minutes on the computer between the pie and letters to Santa Claus. I can finish my Black Friday shopping in a few minutes and never leave home.

Here are a few of the items on my wishlist. All of them are on sale for 50% off!


I have been in love with the Lotus Sweater by Megan Granholm ever since this pattern was first published in Interweave Crochet Spring 2014. With a pile of holiday crochet to finish, I can't start on it quite yet, but I think I'll add the pattern to my project back to remind me of what awaits me after I have finished that last stitch and wrapped the last present.

The elegant drape of the twisted front


Top-Down Seamless Crochet with Doris Chan is one of my top favorite gifts for my crochet friends. I have a copy myself, and I love it. Doris makes this sometimes overly complicated technique easy with her step-by-step instructions, and the fit is beautiful.

She will show you how to shape a garment to enhance your figure and suit your style:

  • Choose the right size
  • Finesse your gauge to use your favorite yarn
  • Tweak a design for the perfect fit
  • Work foundation single crochet for an elastic neckline
  • Increase and decrease within motifs
  • Add bust and waist shaping
  • Customize sleeve length and trims

It's all there! You will be whipping up custom-fit sweaters in no time.


It's a gift not only for you but for everyone on your holiday list! The patterns in Interweave Crochet Presents 7 Fun & Fast Gifts to Crochet has a variety of quick and unique crochet accessories. I have already made three Atomic Hats, two were gifts, and the Picea Hat is next on my list.

The Thistle Cowl is a quick and colorful gift that makes a fabulous stashbuster (this one is also on my holiday gift list), and the Seafoam Shawl is the perfect cool weather accessory.

The best part is none of these gifts require sizing, so you know it will fit just right.


It's here! I have seen preview images for the patterns in Crochet Ever After by the brilliant Brenda K. B. Anderson, and I can't wait to begin my first fairy tale project. From fantastical creations like the dragon scarf on the cover to delicate socks and a pair of mittens depicting a gorgeous sunset behind silhouetted trees that I am obsessed with.

Heroes, fairy princesses, witches, a unicorn, and big bad wolves, star in this fanciful collection of accessories, bags, amigurumi toys, kids' clothes and more; all presented in less-than-helpless-princess way that is a bit sarcastic, never bitter, and always charming.


A CD collection of past Interweave Crochet issues also makes a fabulous gift for the crocheter on your list. The Interweave Crochet 2012 collection has over a hundred patterns, from quick beginner accessories to more intricate crochet sweaters and garments.

As a crocheter, I see a collection of patterns as the gift that just keeps giving. There is the joy of looking through the patterns for the fist time and dreaming of what you will make, the fun of crocheting a project or learning new technique, and the great feeling you get when you finish a project and gift it to someone else.


Finally, I have to get my hands on a copy of Edward's Menagerie, and this price is hard to beat. There are 40 adorable animals in this collection, and you can always change the yarn size and hook to create little critters or big friends for cuddling.

Seamus the Alpaca, Clarence the Bat, Bridget the Elephant, Rufus the Lion, Claudia the Saddleback Pig and many more, I want them all–then I'll probably create a few for gifts.


Hurry over and check out the Crochet Me Shop Black Friday sale for yourself. You'll find my favorites and maybe yours as well. Happy shopping and enjoy the extra time you have to spend with family.

Best wishes,

P.S. What is on your wishlist?

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