My Hat's Off to You

Crocheted Hat .
Breezy Hat by Linda Permann

I feel that fall nip in the breeze; the leaves are beginning their shift to fall shades, and even though it is not quite cool enough for hats and jackets, I have already started pulling yarn from my stash for several new hats to add to my collection. You can communicate your sense of style or mood with the perfect crocheted hat. They are also a great quick project for yourself or as a gift and the perfect item for stash busting.

. Family Crocheted Hat

Goldilock's Family of Hats

by Marty Miller

Once you have your hat finished, play with different ways of wearing it. Add a jaunty tilt or spice it up with a flower, button, or other embellishment. Try wearing your hair in different styles. A hat looks different with a low ponytail, loose curls, or an A-line bob.

There are several hat styles to choose from for your next crochet project. In my opinion, nothing beats a stocking cap for versatility. You can work the hat in single crochet or double crochet or in a more complicated stitch such as the shell stitch used in Linda Permann's Breezy Hat. Marty Miller's Goldilocks Family of Hats provides not only patterns for hats in all sizes, but also gives instructions for adding rolled, folded, or ruffled brims and embellishing with squiggles or a simple crocheted flower.

Earflap Crocheted Hat


Chullo Hat and Gloves

by Ellen Gormley

For a little added warmth, I always turn to a hat with earflaps. I love the braided tassels, and they are especially striking when worked with a colored pattern as with the Ellen Gormley's Chullo Hat and Gloves. Or try Lisa Soutendijk's Leaf Peeper Hats and gain even more warmth with this double-thick selection of styles. My favorite is the bomber variation sported by the little boy. You can also add earflaps to any stocking cap by crocheting them down from the cap edge or create a stocking cap from any earflap hat by not working the earflaps.

. Crocheted Cloche Hat
Julia's Hat by Natalia Robarge

Cloches are my go-to hat when I am looking for an elegant and stylish chapeau. The bell shape and short brim are flattering on any face shape. The two-layered lace brim and delicate bow of Natalia Robarge's Julia's Hat add a touch of femininity. Add a couple of bright buttons or an eye-catching flower to personalize your hat.

Warm Crocheted Hat .

Leaf Peeper Hats

by Lisa Soutendijk's

Which hat will you make first? You can find digital patterns for these hats and many more at the Crochet Me Shop. The StashBuster sale makes this the perfect time to purchase a new hat pattern for fall.

Happy Stash Busting,

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