My Gidget Tee

In an effort to clean out my stash, I have been seeking crochet projects based on yarns instead of the other way around.  Though this method necessitates more sleuthing and usually some compromising (or creativity), I tend to enjoy it! 


Gidget Tee, Interweave Crochet Summer 2012

Click here for the individual pattern (digital)

Click here for the Summer 2012 issue (digital)

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With 8 balls of unused Therapi yarn on my mind, I knew I had found a match after laying eyes on the Gidget Tee.  The pale and more vibrant purples wouldn't have been my first thought for a striped tee but after a bit of swatching, I found the combination rather soft and romantic.  Just changing the colors of this top really transforms the look!  I would love to have one in a nautical blue and red, or perhaps a delicious light lemon color paired with white. 

Close up of the colors

This top-down tee is crocheting up very fast and, with simple rounds of either single or double crochet, is a perfect travel project.  The pattern is also easy to customize for your body or preference.  Instead of the rather long cut, I will be stopping only one or two inches below my natural waist.  The shorter length combined with maybe some ribbing or adjustments to the sleeve will make a more flattering silhouette for me.  Also, can we just take a moment to bask in the glory of being able to try on as you crochet?!  The best!

Tee in progress!

Stay tuned for the final product!  I have many (oh so many!) active projects in the works but I would like complete this top by Fall.  I think it would be the perfect transitional piece for those first chilly days!

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