My Favorite Tunisian Crochet Patterns

Tunisian crochet returned to the spotlight a few years ago, and accessories worked with Tunisian simple stitch and yarn overs peaked my interest. This fascinating crochet technique seemed to be a cross between crochet a knitting, picking up a loop for each stitch across and then working each stitch off the hook, ending the row with a single active loop.

Tunisian crochet pattern by Sheryl Means |

Spice Market Tunic by Sheryl Means

The popularity of this historical technique has only grown, allowing designers to explore the possibilities of Tunisian in garments, accessories, and home decor items and giving beginning, intermediate, and advanced crocheters access to a variety of Tunisian crochet fabrics.

Solid Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian knit and purl stitches mimic the appearance of their respective knitting stitches but create a denser, warmer fabric. Tunisian simple stitch creates a grid-like design, intriguing in its own right or an ideal base for cross-stitch embroidery.  Used on their own, these basic Tunisian stitches are easy and fun, but combine them and you can create gorgeous textured patterns.

Tunisian crochet patterns |

Tunisian crochet patterns from The New Tunisian Crochet

The Spice Market Tunic by Sheryl Means combines Tunisian simple stitch and Tunisian purl stitch to create a subtle texture that highlights the shaping of this classic tunic. In her new book, The New Tunisian Crochet: Contemporary Designs from Time-Honored Traditions, Dora Ohrenstein offers a wide variety of Tunisian stitch patterns including diamond patterns, textural stripe patterns and more.

Cool Waves Shawl by Sheryl Means |

Cool Waves Shawl by Sheryl Means

Lace Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian crochet is primarily known for its dense solid fabric, perfect for warm garments and accessories, but this technique is also capable of creating beautiful lace fabric. I love the elegant drape of crochet lace projects like the Cool Wave Shawl by Sheryl Means. This easy pattern combines a simple lace pattern with structural Tunisian simple stitches to create an ideal summer shawl.

Tunisian Entrelac

Tunisian crochet pattern by Rhonda Davis

Mulled Spices Afghan by Rhonda Davis


A fascinating technique, Tunisian entrelac creates a patchwork design that is highly addicting. Fun, exciting, and challenging, this design is perfect for accessories, garments, and edgings. The Mulled Spices Afghan by Rhonda Davis pairs stripes of Tunisian simple stitch with a trim of entrelac squares to make a striking addition to your home. The stripes and entrelac are two easy options for working Tunisian colorwork.

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