My Favorite Crochet Bags

Every crocheters needs several drawers of crochet bags. That's my story, and I'm holding to it. You really do need a different bag design for a trip to the market, an afternoon of shopping, or a special evening out. Or at least that is what I tell myself when I find a new crochet clutch or tote pattern to add to my queue.

Here are three of my favorite bag designs.

Crochet Clutch Pattern, Calypso Clutch by Brenda K. B. Anderson  

The Clutch

The Calypso Clutch by Brenda K. B. Anderson is the next crochet bag in my queue. This clutch is the perfect size for the necessities like your phone and keys. My favorite design feature is the plastic canvas that allows this clutch to keep its sturdy shape. The canvas is disguised in the interior of the purse with a fabric lining, providing the perfect opportunity for a pop of color. I may need several-a couple in easy neutrals and a couple in fun colors.

Crochet Purse Pattern, Perspective Crochet Purse by Ellen Gormley  

The Purse

Speaking of color, stripes and post stitches in three colors create a sophisticated fabric for the Perspective Crochet Purse by Ellen Gormley. The horizontal lines of color combined with the vertical texture of the stitches create a unique optical illusion. The post stitches also create a dense material that does not require a lining, but a fabric lining and pockets would be easy to add. And the size of this purse is ideal for everyday use. I know I would use it every day.


The Tote

Everyone needs a sturdy tote. I use them for trips to the library, the farmer's market, and the park. One of my favorites is the Arrowhead Tote by Carol Ventura. The crisp design is worked in tapestry crochet in the round. Six colors create the geometric pattern, but you never work with more than two colors at a time, making this design surprisingly easy. The cotton is sturdy and easy to care for.


A chevron clutch, a post stitch purse, or a tapestry tote, my biggest problem is which bag to start first. You can find all three patterns in the Crochet Me shop today and take advantage of the last day of our pattern sale. Hurry and download your favorite crochet patterns!

Best wishes,

P.S. What bag type do you use most often?

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