My 2016 Crochet Resolutions

Where did 2015 go?

Orchard Mitts

Orchard Mitts

For me, last year was full of surprise events and months that fled in the blink of an eye. So this year, I am determined to give more importance to my New Year’s resolutions. I want to learn a new language and how to play an instrument, but more notably, I want to spend more time crocheting. Here are my four 2016 Crochet Resolutions.

1. Crochet More Gifts

This year I am going to make more time for crocheting gifts. Fingerless mitts, hats, and cowls—I have a long list of family and friends who I want to crochet for. This year, I am making these crochet accessories my priority. One of my favorite designs is the Orchard Mitts. I can finish a pair in a long evening. The Pineapple Upside Down Hat is also high in my queue.

Crochet Hat Pattern

Pineapple Upside Down Hat

2. Design Crochet Accessories

As I am crocheting for family and friends, I want to design a few of my own patterns. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing those patterns with you here on Crochet Me. I am especially interested in Tunisian crochet, crochet lace, and surface embroidery.

3. Learn a New Crochet Technique

This is a goal I keep coming back to every year. There are just so many incredible crochet techniques and stitches! In the past I’ve delved into Tunisian, cables, and crochet hats. This year I want to explore crochet plaids. I’ve been interested in plaid for years, but the Sally Beth Bag in Interweave Crochet Fall 2015 was love at first site.

Crochet Bag Pattern

Sally Beth Bag by Nicoletta Tronci

Plaid is a great stash busting technique because each pattern uses at least three colors with many using four or more.  The Sally Beth Bag uses four colors, and it’s the perfect excuse to dive into my single skeins. I will also probably sew a fabric lining for this bag but more on that later.

4. Organize My Yarn

I won’t say that I have enough yarn to open my own yarn store, but I do need a much better system of knowing exactly what I have in my collection. I have a large variety single skein luxury yarns and several skeins in perfect accessory amounts. Currently I have them arranged by fiber type, and I like that system, but it’s still a lot of yarn to look through. And I’m easily distracted by a beautiful skein. I would love to hear what your favorite organization systems are.

I know it’s almost the middle of January, and I’m a little late in setting my 2016 resolutions, but hey, I can’t break them by the second week in January this way! Keep an eye out for more blogs as I organize, crochet, learn, and design. Let me know what your 2016 resolutions are in the comments below!

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