My 2015 New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2015, everyone! I hope your new year is off to a great start. As ever, the start of a new year has turned my mind to new goals I want to set for myself. I don't normally do "resolutions"–I prefer to think in terms of goals, ways I can challenge myself and things I want to accomplish in the next 12 months. I definitely have a few things on my list this year, many of which are related to crochet. So here they are, in no particular order . . .

"Crochet Foundations" by Mary Beth Temple

#1: Master the Basic Crochet Stitches

This is a big one. I already have chains, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet down, which is a good start. Now I need to work on everything else–treble crochet, foundation single crochet, adjustable loops, etc. I'm going to use Mary Beth Temple's excellent video "Crochet Foundations" to expand my skill set (and make sure I'm doing the basic stitches correctly). I learn best if I'm shown how to do something, and I love video tutorials because I can pause and rewind as much as I need to. I feel confident that I can accomplish this goal, and I'm so excited to keep expanding my knowledge of crochet!

#2: Make One Hat, One Cowl, and One Pair of Mittens

This one might be tough, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. In some of my previous blogs, I've mentioned a few projects I want to make (the Molecule Cowl, the Cupcake Hat), and I'd like to start and finish them this year. I think some of the more ambitious ones (e.g., the Aegean Dreams Afghan, which I love) might still be beyond me, but I know I can make a hat, a cowl, and some mittens before the year is out.

  Some of Colorado's beautiful mountains!

#3: Bag a Few 14ers

This is not at all crochet-related, but it's an important one! Here in Colorado, we have 54 14,000-foot peaks, and I want to climb at least two of them this year. I've already done one (Pikes Peak–awesome!), but for someone who's lived in this state on and off for over 10 years, that's a pretty sad number. So this summer, I'm going to hike to the top of at least two.

#4: Make Something Unexpected

We have so many amazing, beautiful projects in our magazines! As a beginner, I know most of them are beyond my reach, but I'd really love to challenge myself with a more intermediate pattern. I'm thinking of the market bags in Mary Beth Temple's "Crochet Market Bags" video, which would be perfect for grocery shopping and the farmer's market. I'm also in love with the techniques and gorgeous mask pattern in the "Irish Crochet and Clone Lace with Máire Treanor" video, although I'm pretty sure that's beyond me. Maybe for 2016?

#5: Learn a New Language

I've dabbled in a few languages over the years, but this year I'd really like to learn one and stick with it. Fluency isn't really my goal, but I'd love to at least be conversational–so useful for travel!

#6: Learn to Read Patterns

If I'm going to actually make a few projects this year, I'd better learn to read a pattern! As I demonstrated in my granny squares blog, this is obviously a skill I still need to learn. To that end, I'm going to use Kristin Omdahl's great "Crochet Corner: Basics and Beyond" video (also available on DVD). She starts with an explanation on reading patterns, which is exactly what I need! And again, because this is a video, I can pause and rewind to my heart's content.

Now that this is all in writing, I have to stick to it, right? I hope you'll check in with me throughout the year to see my progress (and remind me to keep going if I'm not working on these!). What are your new year's resolutions–crochet-related or otherwise?

Happy crocheting, and happy 2015!


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