Multi-functional Envelope wallet/purse


Lulu D (Inspired by Adam Gonzalez)


So about a week ago I finished my new tote bag for school and the first thing my boyfriend said was “it nees a matching wallet”. So i decided that i would make an envelop shaped one. (I have a slight obessison with envelopes). So after i got home I decided to make. All because of my wuffanuff!. lol

Materials List

Red heart super saver yarn (starbrights)
5.5I hook
Pink button
Sewing needle

Green sweing thread

Finished Size

w=8 inchesh= 4 inches (flap closed) h=6 inches with flap opened.You can easily adjust this size with a bigger hook. (i started one for my sister and she wants it big cause she’s gonna use it as a clutch)


No particular size= ROOM TO EXPERIMENT W00T!


stitch(es) used : HDC (Half double crochet) and SC (single crochet)

If u want to make an envelope shaped messenger bag simply increase to 100-124 ch and about 45-70 rows maybe more depending on how much you wanna fit in it.

The Pattern

Ch 36
Row 1: HDC in 3rd ch from hook. HDC across. ch 2, turn
Row 2-?: HDC across ch 2 turn until you get this wallet or purse the length and width you want.
after you get to your desired length

HDC decrease until you have 4 hdc’s left.

sew on button with sewing needle and green thread. Put all your personal items inside your “envelope” and have a fun time!

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