MsBusyFingers’ Ginkgo Leaf


Sarah Margaret Crittenden


This is a pattern for a gingko leaf that I made when I was just learning to crochet. I have been using it for my avatar on and I have gotten some inquiries about it, so I decided to write it up for you all.

Materials List

Any yarn and hook will do. I did mine in cotton craft thread (the exact size was not indicated on the package, but it is a medium thread maybe about size 10) with a B hook, and it came out close to life size.

Finished Size

your choice


not an issue


slst = slip stitch

dc = double crochet

When the pattern says ch 3 and turn, the ch 3 counts as your first dc.

The last dc of each row is worked into the top ch of the ch 3.

In parenthesis ( ) at the end of each row in the pattern, is written the total number of stitches for that row.

The Pattern

ch 23

1. 5dc in the 3rd ch from hook (6dc) ch3, turn
2. 2dc in each dc (12dc) ch 3, turn
3. 2dc in the next 6dc- leave the remaining stitches unworked (12dc) ch3, turn
4. 2dc in the next dc, dc in the next 10dc, 2dc in the last dc (14dc) ch3, turn

5. 2dc in the next dc, dc in the next 12dc, 2dc in the last dc (16dc) fasten off.

attach yarn with a slst in first of the remaining stitches you previously left unworked in row 3

6. Ch 3, 2dc in each dc (12dc) ch3, turn
7. 2dc in each dc (24dc) ch3, turn

8. dc in each dc (24dc) fasten off and weave in ends.

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