Mother’s Fashion Stole


Sedruola Maruska


This lovely crochet wrap came about because I wanted to make my mom something special for Mother’s Day. I had the yarn and the will so I took up my hook and began working. As I was working I decided I didn’t want to make a regular scarf, so I made it a bit wider. The length just came about because I wanted my mom to be able to wrap herself with this piece when walking or sitting in church.

This piece is warm, soft and one of the best things to have along as a stand-alone or wraped around your head and shoulders over a coat.

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Materials List

2 Skeins (18 ozs) Lion Brand Homespun Yarn in color of your choice (color A)
2 Skeins (1.5 ozs) Lion Brand Fun Fur Yarn in complimentary color (color B)
Size Q Crochet Hook

Size K Crochet Hook

Finished Size

The completed size will be approximately:Length – 70 (178cm) inchesWidth – 18 (46cm) inches


8 sc and 7 rows = 4″ (10 cm)


Two strands of yarn are held together when doing the edging (using color B).

The Pattern


With color A and size Q hook chain 21

Row 1: 1sc in second ch from hook, 1sc in each ch to end, turn – 20sts.
Rows 2: ch 1, *1sc in each sc to end, turn

Row 3 – end: *ch 1, 1sc in each st to end, turn* repeat from * until you run out of yarn or reach desired length. Fasten off.

Change to size K hook, join two strands of color B with a slip
stitch to any stitch, chain 1.
Row 1: 1sc in each st across to corner, 3sc in corners, 1sc in each st around, sl in top of first chain, chain 1.

Row 2: 1sc in each st across to corner, 3sc in corners, sc in each st around to first sc fasten off.

Note: When working with Fun Fur, the tail end will get lost in the work so there is no need to weave in. Also note: You may continue with the edging until you run out of yarn.

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