Crochet Hats: Most Popular Patterns, Products, Tips & Tricks, and More!

Hats, hats, hats. Crochet hats are a trending topic in the crochet world and rightly so!

Because they are small, crochet hats are a great project to learn a new technique. They provide more latitude in gauge and stitch uniformity than a larger project, such as a cardigan. You can find hat crochet patterns that incorporate cables, tapestry crochet, Tunisian crochet in the round, lace, colorwork, and much more. And because of this broad range of hat styles, you will never be bored, whether you are a beginning crocheter or are looking for a new and challenging project.

Featured image is Sun-Kissed Hat Pattern by Annie Modesitt.

Check out our most popular crochet hat patterns, tips, and products below!

Most popular crochet hat content:


    1. Crochet Hats from the Bottom Up
      When you crochet your hat from the bottom up, you can create incredible brims, work crochet foundation stitches, granny squares and turn them into fabulous shawls, crochet great bags, and more.


    1. Help, My Hat’s Too Short
      What do you do if your hat is too short? Learn about the crocheted ribbing technique that’s the perfect addition to hats, as well. It allows you to add length and makes for a great snug fit!


    1. 8 Free Crochet Hat Patterns
      Crocheting hats is a great way to practice your stitches with speedy results! We’re happy to offer you these 8 free crochet hat patterns from expert designers—a gorgeous addition to any collection.


    1. Crochet Hats to Support Your Team
      Whether you are creating a hat for your local high school team or for a major sports team, one of these hats will be the perfect representation of your team spirit!


    1. Learn the Secret of Crochet Hats
      These detailed instructions will allow you to design your own custom crochet hats in no time, and a collection of five incredible hats will introduce you to a variety of hat possibilities.


    1. Crochet Hats: Design, Modify, Love!
      Learn the best way to begin your hat, basic numbers for constructing a hat in a variety of stitch heights, how to work to a predetermined circumference, how to prevent jogs in your stripes, and much more.


    1. How to Crochet Hats
      Learn how to crochet a hat from the top down, which is the most common hat construction—these hats begin at the top of the crown and are worked to the brim.


    1. For the Love of Hats
      Crocheted hats provide a perfect excuse for learning something new—and making a fashion statement. Learn tips and tricks on how to crochet a hat from the top-down and more.


  1. My Hat’s Off to You
    Alongside being a great quick project for yourself or as a gift and the perfect item for stash busting, crochet hats come in endless shapes, styles and sizes! Learn how to express your style in crocheted hats.

Most popular crochet hat products:

    1. Blooming Crochet Hats eBook
      You’ll find a hat for everyone to crochet and enjoy. Plus, have fun crocheting 10 interchangeable motifs to make it uniquely your own!
    1. Craft Tree Fast Crochet Hats eBook
      This collection includes 12 quick-to-crochet hat patterns including crochet beanies, stocking caps, slouchy berets, and more!


    1. Goldilocks’ Family of Hats Crochet Pattern
      Get five crocheted hats for the whole family, each containing their own unique detail.


    1. Fire Whirl Crochet Hats Kit
      This crochet kit includes the pattern for the popular Fire Whirl crocheted hat and enough Brown Sheep Company’s Lamb’s Pride yarn to crochet a pair of hats!


    1. Men’s Hats
      Crochet three quick and easy hats with these stylish hat patterns for men.
    1. Crochet Whimsical Monster and Pirate Hats
      Learn how to crochet a basic hat and then embellish your finished hat with either the monster or the pirate face. Quick and fun, these simple hats will please kids of all ages.


    1. Cupcake Hats Crochet Pattern
      You’ll eat up the variety of stitches including “single crochet, shell stitch, post stitches” in this delicious crochet sampler. Top it with a simple cherry or sprinkles and a candle.


    1. Easy Weekend Crochet Hats
      This stylish collection of 16 crochet hats will stand out on the slopes! The projects include fun, quirky designs for the whole family and are perfect for crocheters of all levels!
    1. Crochet Me Workshop: Design Your Own Crocheted Hat with Robyn Chachula
      Design your own crocheted hat in any style and any stitch with crochet expert Robyn Chachula.


  1. Measuring for Perfection: Circumference and Gauge for Crocheted Hats
    Learn how to measure a person’s head to determine any finished hat size, finish your crochet hat, and decorate it to give it a professional and lovely look!

Need a break from those larger, more detailed crochet projects? Hats are a great way to take some well deserved time off, while getting stunning results that you can show off. Crocheting hats is a great way to practice your stitches with speedy results!

With this vast selection of crochet hat patterns, expert tips, products, and more, you’re sure to become a PRO at crocheting hats in no time. Remember to share this informative page with your friends so they can experience the joy of crochet hats, too!