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Crazy wave #2 has started. Book proofs will be arriving in the mail for my immediate attention, TNNA is fast approaching, and my month off from traveling is coming to an end. That, and I've started coding the layout of Crochet Me 3.2 (designed by none other than the genius Cynthia!) (coding for all the fun stuff started weeks and weeks ago). My brain hurts.

So here are more links that caught my eye recently. Maybe you'll dig 'em too.

  • Crochet = free-spirited summer style
  • Robyn Chachula wrote a cool post about her design process. It's always so cool to see how creative minds work.
  • Heather started a Crochet Carnival, and included my blocking tutorial in the first one. She collected some cool links! She's hosting the next carnival too; June 15th is the submissions deadline. (Taking breaks from flipping between no fewer than seven style sheets, I'm pinning out more squares to block today.)
  • Paper doily sales are on the decline in the UK. Once they were used on plates and saucers as a sign refined decorum; now stores are thinking of issuing versions with the faces of celebrities on them in an effort to bring sales back up. Sadly, it would seem these stores don't realize letting the doily die would be a far better way to preserve their place in etiquette and decor history. Now they might as well give them away free with tabloid purchases.
  • Crafty Daisies are starting a 12-week crochet run of crochet lessons. So cool!
  • Vashti Braha wrote an ode to felting crochet; it'll make you weep (or at least pick up some wool yarn)

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