More Crochet Patterns on the Web

It wasn't that long ago that it was hard to find good crochet patterns on the internet. In the last few years, I have noticed an explosion of fabulous crochet–a testament to the fact that crochet is getting noticed for the elegant craft that it is, and more yarn companies are realizing how fabulous their products are looking when crocheted into fashionable garments.

One site that is making a huge splash in the crochet world is Jimmy Bean's Wool. They've always been a great place for yarn, but now they're stocking up on a great selection of crochet patterns! They have garments and accessories from both independent designers and ones sponsored by yarn companies. Be careful–I've found having the pattern and yarn for said pattern available all in one place can be dangerous for the budget. Just going there to grab the link for you guys almost cost me this week's groceries. I'm particularly tempted by this lovely crocheted gown from Blue Sky Alpacas. So gorgeous! Which one tempts you?

Check out what they have to offer, hook up some fabulous pieces, and share them with us here on Crochet Me!

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