More about the Future of Crochet

Knitter's Review has just published a fabulous recap of the TNNA show, so I'll link to it instead of rewriting the wheel. It's knitting-focused, but everything she says about the show and yarn and the like is fully applicable to crochet.

I'll elaborate on the topic of crochet, though. Despite my previous mention of a disappointing showing of crochet in the gala fashion show, there was definite strong interest in the craft on the show floor all weekend. I'd say about half the speakers I heard consistently mentioned crochet in addition to knitting, and hopefully that proportion will only increase as time passes.

Yarn store owners told me that more and more crocheters are coming into their stores, and they're eager to offer more crochet classes and products. Requests have already started to come in to me from LYS owners who want some Crochet me postcards for their stores*. Knitting kit designers are branching into crochet. And even fab bag designers (oooh, I'll be writing about some lovely bags in coming issues) want to make sure their bags appeal to crocheters, and they're keen to make hook rolls in addition to knitting needle rolls.

How can we make sure crochet gets its due? Consumerism. It's all about material consumption, people. Yarn, books, classes, and notions are a business, and just like in all industries, products and services respond to the market. The more vocal we are in the marketplace — the more we ask our local yarn stores for crochet classes and hooks and books and then buy them when they're stocked — the better the industry will get at providing us with what we're so desperately craving.

Update: I want to draw your attention to Vera's comment; it's an excellent suggestion (thanks Vera!):

"Another way to get the word out is to offer to make store samples for your LYS or teach classes so that others can see what beautiful things you can do with crochet."

* Due to limited supply I'm only able to send postcards to stores, not to individuals. If you'd like a postcard, please ask your LYS owner to ask me for some.

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