Moorish Mania

I am a crocheter obsessed.

When it comes to crochet projects, I often eagerly take on a project. Then it falls by the wayside in favor of another new project. It's a hazard of the job.

There was every chance that the Moorish Mosaic Afghan by Lisa Naskrent from the fall issue of Interweave Crochet would meet the same fate. But not so.
I have been working feverishly on this. Look:


That's a mountain of motifs! I've done about a third of the blanket (and made three more since I took this picture a few days ago).

Part of the trick, I think, has to do with those little cards I made. I pull out a card and just work the colors as they come up. I don't know what the motif will look like until I'm making it. It's a little thrill.

I've also "premade" some motifs for an upcoming trip to Loveland (lots of good crochet time in the airports and on the airplane–especially if the pilot overshoots the airport and gives an extra hour, you know). For the "premake," I find motifs that have color change in just the first few rounds, then just one color in the outer rounds. I work the first rounds, then put it and the needed ball in a travel bag. So I have to carry only one ball of yarn to finish up.

One side-effect of all this crocheting is that I've developed a wicked addiction to NCIS. I first catch up on my weekly Knitting Daily, then I find the omnipresent NCIS marathon. My new mantra: Just one more show.

How's your afghan coming along?

All good stitches,


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