Moorish Mania Goes On

Just can't get enough of the Moorish Mosaic Afghan!

I have about a dozen more motifs to do (one is partially done). But, since I have limited yarn here in Colorado (curses again on not packing more yarn!), I decided to start putting the motifs together.


Love it! The motifs come together very nicely, as the large and small motifs have the same number of stitches on each side. I'm joining them by holding the motifs right side together and slip-stitching through the outer loop of the outer rounds. Works up lickety-split.

I'm using the dominant color between two motifs to stitch a few seams at a time. For instance, see that maroon motif at the upper left? First I worked the seam between it and the big motif to its right, then the seam between the maroon and the little blue square, then the seam between the maroon and the one under it. Three seams and only two ends to weave in. Yahoo.

OK, now see that motif at the lower right? I just discovered it's the wrong motif (well, not WRONG, exactly, since it is MY afghan, but it's number 14 instead of number 9).

So I "unzipped" the seams (lots easier than pulling out whipstitch), evicted the motif and placed the real motif 9:

Better balance of color and pattern, don't you think?

(This also means that I won't be weaving in the seam ends until I'm sure my motifs are where they should be.)

Can't wait to see how your motifs turn out!

Happy crocheting,


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