Mohair Yarn: Getting the Halo

The appeal of a crochet project is made up of three parts. First is the silhouette or construction of the project. Next is the crochet stitch or fabric used. And finally there is the yarn choice. The yarn choice can drastically change the look and drape of the final piece. Let's look at the Vapor Scarf by Dora Ohrenstein.

Vapor Scarf by Dora Ohrenstein  

This gorgeous and easy crochet scarf is worked in a simple V-st and shell stitch pattern. The number of stitches increases with each row creates a fun and flirty ruffled silhouette. But what really gives this delicate accessory its unique appearance and name is yarn.

A blend of seventy-five percent mohair and twenty-five percent silk, this yarn transforms the stitch pattern and silhouette, softening it and adding a feminine halo of fiber. Mohair comes from angora goats and is much like wool in its absorption of moisture and warmth.  It is much lighter than wool, making a great spring yarn. The younger the goat the finer and softer the fiber will be. Mohair has a subtle shine that is beautifully complimented with the gleam of the silk.


Of course mohair's greatest quality is the halo that many of the mohair yarns boast. Individual mohair fiber ends escape the twist of the yarn and frizz into that feminine halo. The softness of the stitches can make it difficult to distinguish the stitches, requiring you to pay more attention when working into the stitches. But after a little practice, you will learn to identify where the next stitch should go, and it's all worth it for the gorgeous finished fabric.


Play with mohair yarn today and download the Vapor Scarf today for a special price of just one dollar. Or try this lacy pattern in a crisper yarn that will highlight the gorgeous lace pattern.

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P.S. Do you have any tips for working with mohair yarn?

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