Mohair Handwarmers


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Crocheted mohair handwarmers,cozy and beautiful and so easy to make!
You can put on a crocheted flower (as i did!), to give them a romantic touch!
Hope you’ll enjoy them.

Thanks for looking!

Materials List

Mohair (40% mohair, 60% dralon)

4mm hook

Finished Size

Adult woman.


8 dc* 4 rows = 5*5 cm

The Pattern

Handwarmers (make two!):
Ch 23, dc in 4th ch and each ch across,turn.
Row 1: ch3, dc in each dc,turn.
Row 2-13: repeat Row1.
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing sides of handwarmer.
Fold piece in half and sew base ch and top of last row together along 12 dc.Leave 5 dc open for thumb, and sew remaining dc of sides.

Cut yarn and wave in ends.

Cuff’s scalloped edge:

Attach yarn at the cuff’s seam, ch1, sc in same place, *5dc in space between next two dc,sc in space at the beg of next dc*. Repeat from* across, ending with sl st in first sc. Cut yarn and wave in end.

Ch 4, join to first ch to form ring.
Round 1:Ch 1, work 14 sc in ring, sl st to beginning chain.(15sc)
Round 2: *Ch 3, skip 2 dc, sl st into next dc: repeat from * 4 more times ending in last stitch in base of beginning chain.
Round 3: *sc,2hdc,1dc,2hdc,sc* all in every ch3 space, join with a sl st to first sc.

Cut yarn leaving a tail for sewing the flower on the handwarmer.

Sew flower on the handwarmer where you prefer, and sew some little beads inside it if you like.

That’s it!

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