Modern Crochet for Your Home

Crochet has been found in the home for centuries, from doilies to table runners to antimacassars. But you won't find many antimacassars in modern homes. Instead crochet have crafted yarn into incredible pillows, classic afghans with a twist, colorful coasters and baskets, and amigurumi that will make you smile.

To help you find the perfect home decor crochet project, we have a new special issue, Interweave Crochet Home. Here are a few of the projects I want to add to my home.

  After a long day, you just need to put your feet up and relax with a calming crochet project. And what better way to put your feet up than with the Woven Ottoman by Laurinda Reddig. This large ottoman-stuffed with square pillows and a core of quilt batting-features surface stitches on every other round to create a woven cable look, with a smooth spiral base and top. And crocheted in a bulky yarn, you will have your feet up in no time.

I'd love to show off the versatility of crochet with a few crochet pillows. The Starburst Pillow by Jill Hanratty is crocheted with puff, post, and cluster stitches. This pillow looks intricate, but is actually quick to complete. I love the gorgeous texture.

And while I am not a doily person, I would love to show off the possibilities of the crochet motif with Doris Chan's Doily Pillow. A motif worked in a firm gauge creates a sturdy, longwearing fabric that is prettily lacy but can be tossed around with abandon.


I have been looking for the perfect rug for my sun room. The Stained Glass Rug by Jennifer Raymond is perfect. This colorful rug is a great introduction to padded crochet, often used in Irish crochet. Color-changing yarn is crocheted around piping cord into a round motif that offers multiple modular configurations.

Download Interweave Crochet Home today and create incredible crochet for your home.

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P.S. Do you like crochet afghans, pillows, or rugs? Share your favorite home decor crochet piece in the comments.

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