Mobius Scarf


Helen Chapman


The Dictionary defines a Möbius as a joined two sided band with a single surface. It is a conundrum. Start at point A on the outside, draw a straight line to the beginning of point A, but you wind up on the inside. Continue and you’ve back on the outside. Seriously cool, i’dn’it? The Olympic Committee even uses ribbons forming a Möbius to hold their medals, to assure the ribbons lie flat.

To make a Möbius Scarf, all you need is an afternoon. You’ll need half a skein of your yarn of choice [you can use a single color, or one half one shade, and one half another.] and a size I crochet hook

Not recommended to active children or klutzy people prone to get snagged on passing objects.

Sorry about the cruddy picture.  Cell phone was the best I could do at the moment.


Materials List

Red Heart Super Saver:  one solid one omber, or one solid [there will be enough left from the two skeins to make a hat and mitts]

Size I crochet hook

Finished Size

about 4.5 inches wide, long enough to reach the top of your waistband


The Pattern

Chain 25

skip the first chain. Half double in each of the next chains to the end. 24 stitches.

Chain one, turn, half double in the back loop only of each stitch.

Repeat until the scarf is one half the length desired [I use about 58 rows].

At this point, you can change colors if you like.

Repeat the same pattern until the scarf is long enough to meet in the front. Give the end a single turn and join together with the starting end. Put it on, and you will see how it rests very nicely, fits under a jacket and is just plain nice and toasty.

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