Mindless Scarf


Ok, so here’s the deal, this pattern is extremely easy. There’s no rocket science to it. Why did I decide to post it ? Well, many times I’ve tried to read instructions from other patterns and for some reason I sometimes can’t get it right and I know there are others out there that feel the same way. Well, this one pattern is for anybody that wants to do an easy scarf with no science behind it. That’s why this scarf is called the Mindless Scarf.

Materials List

1. I used a hook size J/10-6.00mm of the Boye brand
2. Yarn color is Denim Mist medium size 4 from Vanna’s Choice collection and it’s 100% Acrylic.

3. A measuring tape would be good to measure how long the scarf would be on a child by putting the measuring tape around the neck and letting it drop. It wouldn’t matter on an adult.

***Here’s another tip, the color will never matter ! Just make sure that if you are doing this for a friend as a gift, ask them what is their favorite color and just surprise them !***

Finished Size

The finished size of this scarf with this pattern was 49″ long and 4″ wide by the time I was done. Remember, a project can lose length as you crochet.


Regarding the gauge, I noticed that for this project 10 DC = 4″(10cm).


Ch = chain
YO = yarn over
DC = double crochet

TN = tapestry needle

The Pattern

Start by chaining as long as you need to. Some patterns will tell you to chain an X amount of chains, but have in mind that the length of the scarf is determined by the length of the person’s torso. A scarf that is too short won’t look proper on a person.

Once you have reached the desired lenght in the starting chain, do a DC on the 4th ch loop from the hook. After the DC is done, skip one ch and do a DC on the next ch. Follow this pattern till you reach the end. It should look like a ladder.

***If you reach the end and there is an odd chain left, do a DC on it***

Then ch 4, turn your project, and do a DC around the Ch, not on the loop of the Ch but around the Ch, so in other words you are YO, going under the Ch, YO again and complete the steps of finishing the DC.

Now, follow suit of a DC on every chain, don’t skip any chains. Once you reach the end (and remember not to leave any chains left) ch 4 and turn project. Repeat entire process until you reach the width of the scarf that you want to reach. Remember, we are working on the width, not the lenth, that was determined at the begining.

When your desired length is reached, use a TN to weave in the string from the begining chain and the one left at the end after you make your closing knot.

***You can also add fringes at the end if desired***

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