Mindful Mindlessness

Blanket, nearly finished

Last week on the Make and Meaning blog, I wrote about crafting on autopilot – that's how it feels when my hands take over and my mind takes a break. In many ways it's my favourite kind of crafting. It's a special kind of obsession, really. And for me, it only happens with the simplest of projects. A giant granny square, a ripple blanket, a plain scarf. That's part of why so many of the projects I make are dead simple. I like the mindlessness. I need the mindlessness.

I've nearly finished my giant granny square blanket. Remember the one, from ages ago? I ripped it out when I found more yarn, and I'm very glad I did. Now it's a good size to keep one person warm, and the lighter yarns certainly brighten the whole thing up.

So what about you? Do your hands ever take over your crocheting? Do you balance more involved projects with mindless ones?

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