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It’s almost November and as I have my fingerless mittens in my coat pocket (drafty Victorian building + lots of typing = desperately cold hands at this time of year!), I thought I’d jot down the pattern. I made it up as I went along and it’s also the first time I’ve ever written out the pattern of something I’ve made, so poke me about any errors – I’m typing this out from memory!

Materials List

These mittens were made out of hand spun merino wool on a 6mm hook. I have no idea about how much wool it took – the skein was approximately 130 yards long and I had enough wool left to make a long skinny scarf. And, of course, it depends on how big your hands are!

Finished Size

I have small hands, so the mittens measure approximately 7″ (18cm) round and 4″ (10cm) from knuckle to wrist. However, they’re easily adjustable for all ages (men, women and children!), so go up a hook size or two or increase the stitches to suit your hand size. I tried them on as I went, so you may need to do a few more rows until you get to the thumb hole. They’re also quite short (just to my wrist bone) so add on a few rows at the bottom if you want them longer, or add a cuff.


You could do a more fancy stitch, but I was aiming for a basic mitten so I could let the yarn speak for itself (it’s a riot of beautiful colours). If your yarn is more plain, go wild with different stitches!

The Pattern

I crocheted in a round, with a slip stitch to join and no turning (except for one or two rows where I’ve indicated to turn).

Row 1 – Ch 21, join with a sl st. Ch 2.
Row 2 – Sc 20. Ch 2.
Row 3 – Repeat row 2.
Row 4 – Sc 18. Ch 2. Turn (leaving the last two sts unworked to make a hole for your thumb).
Row 5 – Sc 18. Ch 2. Turn.
Row 6 – Sc 20. Ch 2.
Row 7 – Repeat row 6.
Row 8 – Dec 3 sts from row (I just did it every 5 sts or so), sc 17. Ch 2

Row 9 – Dec 1 sts, sc 16. Finish off.

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