Mid-January Brain Dump

So, TNNA. As always, Clara Parkes has written up a great recap over at Knitters Review. My take can be summed up in four points:

  1. Yarns are trending lighter-weight, which is great news for crocheters. Lots of new DK and sport weight yarns are coming out, and some companies are even introducing lighter-weight versions of their worsted and bulky weight yarns.
  2. Yarn blends are all the rage. Lots of companies are experimenting with some really cool blends. It's a very, very good time to learn about traits of various fibers and fiber types, and to experiment with how these blends will behave. Way, way cool.
  3. Green is also in. Some new certified organic yarns are coming out.
  4. People were happy to talk about crochet. 'Nuf said.

I've had a bunch of links open in my browser for days, waiting for this moment at the end of the week when I have a few minutes to blather about them. It will feel good to close those tabs.

Wicked crochet in home decor! Check out these crocheted bowls from the-home-project, made strong by salt crystals [via Craft]. And Raveler elleemmiss pointed out these starched Crochet Pendant Lamps from RianRae.

Speaking of Ravelry, have you heard about the Bobby awards? I was psyched to see my Float Away scarf design nominated (*hint*), along with Amy O'Neill Houck's Sweet sweater (*cough*) as Best Free Pattern. The Crochet Me CAL was nominated for Best Crochet-Along, which is way cool. If you're a member, go vote! One member's Babette Blanket was nominated as Most Colorful Project, too. Now that I've finished my ripple, I'd better get back to Babette. Poor baby; it's been languishing in little piles of squares.

I'm thoroughly enchanted by the idea of Misio. Adopt (ok, buy) a crocheted cat (so cute) and document the character's development online. Character and personality are what I find so great about designing toys in the first place. What a cool combination of adorable crochet and online community/personality-building.

I've been really bad with blog-reading lately, but one I try to pop over to whenever I can is futuregirl. Her photos alone are so pretty and inspiring. A couple of weeks ago she posted a crocheted pentagon ball pattern. Neat!

Continuing on this neato-website kick, Lion Brand's teaming up with Instructables for their Slideshow Challenge is a pretty awesome example of online collaboration. It looks like pretty much anybody can enter, using any yarn (not just LB).

Did you notice up there that I mentioned finishing my ripple blanket? No fanfare yet, as Vancouver in January doesn't exactly = lots of great light shining in through windows making for great completed-ripple photography. But it's done. It even has a border. I'll spare you more details until I have some eye candy to go with it. But man, does it feel good.

Have a great weekend!

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