Meet Interweave Crochet's New Assistant Editor

As the new Assistant Editor for Interweave Crochet, I am excited to become part of the community here on Crochet Me!  Moving to Colorado only a few weeks ago, I am astounded by the surrounding beauty of the mountains and vast blue skies.  Cincinnati was my last place of residence where I worked for five years in medical and chemical research.  A far cry from the yarn business, I know.  Somewhere along the way, I noticed that yarn crafts were taking over ALL of my free time.  Although I enjoyed my career, I yearned for something more creative that would allow me to fully explore my love of fiber.

Lindsay Jarvis, Interweave Crochet Assistant Editor  

Though my degree was scientific, I have always had a deep passion for crafting and fashion.  As a self-taught crocheter and knitter, I know all about the constant struggles of finding your way through a difficult pattern or the disasters created from my refusal to swatch.  Since then I have learned so much (is it odd that I adore swatching now?!) but there is always more knowledge to acquire.  That is my favorite part… you can always take things one step further in crochet! 

Allow me to confess some of my yarn obsessions. First of all, I have a constant yearning to hold a hook or needles in my hands. Whenever upcoming travel plans are on the horizon, I spend much more time planning my crochet projects than what I will be wearing. Remember how I moved here from Cincinnati a few weeks ago? 18 hours in the car went by in a flash with three rotating projects keeping me happily occupied. When flying, I am one of those people who hopes for delays (more crochet time!).  I have to confess that I also have a great love for knitting, however one of the benefits of crochet is the portability of projects. I tend to take along a project wherever I'm going and the ease of stopping after one stitch versus waiting until you have completed an entire row makes crochet ideal for squeezing in a bit of crafting into your day.

I look forward to sharing in your fiber obsessions.  How refreshing it is to be surrounded by others who have the same passion!



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