Meet a Nineteenth Century Crocheter Through Vintage Crochet Patterns

Polka Dress in Crochet  

I have always had a particular fascination with vintage crochet patterns from the 1800s. This was an era when handcrafted art was used in everyday life and when most young ladies learned to crochet. Crocheted cuffs and collars as well as lace, beaded, and colorwork edgings embellished clothing; and magnificent accessories such as lace caps, colorwork slippers, and bead crochet bags were everyday items. .

Although I am quite attached to modern conveniences, such as the ease with which I can order yarn or meet new crochet friends over the Internet, I would love to meet and know more about the crafters of the 1800s 

Bead Crochet

When I picked up a copy of Ladies' Needlework Crochet; Tales and Poetry: A Melange of Instructions and Amusement, I found myself holding not only fabulous vintage patterns but also an introduction to two amazing people. Mr. and Mrs. George Curling Hope created the Hope's Marine Library, ran the Berlin Wool Department, and published books and at least one craft magazine in East Sussex during the mid-1800s. Very little else is known about the Hopes, including Mrs. Hope's first name, but the incredible patterns in this reproduction of their 1849 edition of the Ladies Needlework Penny Magazine give us a glimpse into their lives. 

Some patterns include only a concise chart, a few notes, and project inspiration ideas. The designs for bead crochet are amazing and inviting. The charts could easily be worked in bead crochet, colorwork tapestry crochet, or a lacy filet, and they could be used to create an edging, bag, or embellishment.

Crochet Edging  

I love the simple crochet edging. This beautiful edging design would be as perfect for a modern top or skirt as it was for the dresses of the 1800s, and wearing it would provide a physical connection between crocheters in the twenty-first century and those of the nineteenth century.

Whether you are simply looking for fabulous crochet patterns or are fascinated with vintage crochet patterns and their creators, you will love this beautiful eBook. Download your copy of Ladies' Needlework Crochet; Tales and Poetry: A Melange of Instructions and Amusement today and learn a little more about crochet.

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