Medusa: OOAK, Protectress and Guardian

These items are a lot of fun, and adorable!! Made in the Arimigurimi style, I have fashioned some God and Goddess Dolls. These plush stuffies are great for gift giving (for adults and children alike), Sacred space, Office space, and as teaching tools for families with children. You can incorporate them into your lessons about the different deities without worry of sharp points or breakage like statues and other items often used for ritual. Each item is filled with non-allergenic fiberfill. Unless otherwise stated, items are safe for all ages. Spot cleaning suggested, or gentle light hand washing with mild detergent.All items filled with Reiki Energy before shipping.
There are many stories about Medusa. But whether you fear her or admire her, one thing is for certain, she represents strong feminine strength! She is a protectress for women. This doll is a representation of her strength and voluptuosness. Her hair is a collection of snaked entwined around her head. She has a long snake-like tail and a curvy body.
Over all length:6"
Height: 5.5"
*This doll is recommended for adults*

Item for sale in my etsy shoppe.

Please note: all my OOAK items are protected by law, no copies or likenesses may be made of my original works.

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