May Links

Enough blithering and waxing about life! On to the more entertaining stuff!

  • I just stumbled upon this post by Crafty Minx about reusable shopping bags. It's a good read even just for the way she discusses the fuzziness surrounding eco-friendly decision making. There's so much more that should go into our decisions than simply what happens to items after we dispose of them. I'm frequently both baffled and fascinated when faced with such decisions — pretty much daily. An exception to this is bottled water. It's evil and I avoid it except in cases when dehydration would ensue. (There are few normal situations in North American life for which tap water is inadequate; natural disasters are an exception.)
  • Whipup's Kathreen Ricketson posted on Treehugger about eco-friendly yarns. She links to an article about Southwest Trading Company, too.
  • Maker Faire is this coming weekend! I wish I could be there. And Shannon and Cecily are doing demos, too. If you go and you wanna keep an eye out for crochet goodness, I'd love for a guest-blogger report on crochet at the Faire. Drop me a line if you're interested.
  • Speaking of CRAFT, Natalie sent some warm fuzzies my way in her recent interview at 52 Projects. Big hugs and smooches back atcha, Nat! Also, your granny squares are beautiful.
  • I'm more and more in love with Ravelry; also, I just love Jess and Casey. I've entered in some projects (um, squares and rectangles, anyone?) and stash. Be my friend?
  • The 2007 International Freeform Crochet Exhibits are up. Neat themes, and some beautiful work this year.
  • I totally heart this tea cozy by Megan Mills (free pattern to boot!)

Work continues at a feverish pace on Crochet Me 3.2. I hope to have some thumbnails and anticipated FAQ by early next week. If you're confused about what's to come even before I write up more stuff about it, leave a comment and I'll try to answer now. Or, at least I'll incorporate your question into the post I'll write next week.

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