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Well, I found this pattern in a german magazin Lena special (Häkeltaschen zum Selbermachen). The bag was made with a multicoloured wool which I didn´t appreciate…can I say that this way…I have to excuse my weird English, still have to practice a lot…


Materials List


and here we go:


250g (blue) cotton-wool

50g in a different colour 

I used a hook (german size 4) and a knitting dolly for the “ropes”

stitches: single crochet (sc)








Finished Size

heights: 42cm plus a bit for the decoration-part

The Pattern


start with 4 ch and close them with one slip stitch. Then sc in rounds as follows:

1. rd: 6 sc intio the ring

2. rd: double every stitch (12 st)

3. rd: double every second stitch (18 st)

4. rd: double every third stitch (24 st)

5. rd: double every fourth stitch (30 st)

6.-21. rd: go on like that  … until you have reached (126 st) in the 21st rd (height: 9,5cm)

now go on without increase until the heights of 36cm

holes for the ropes:

1. double 2 ch whereever you want (128 st)

2. 12 sc and then cross over/pass/ skip (whatever you call it) the following 4 st and repeat that

3. sc on every sc and ch (128 st still)

4. double one st (129 st) and go on until you reach the heights of 42 cm



1 sc, 1 ch, skip 2 chs and repeat… using the other colour you´ve chosen 

the ropes have a lengths of about 1,5m…means 2 threads of 4 m each through the knitting dolly and through the holes of your bag and voilà…have fun or patience…its easy but takes a while


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