Master Builder Fingerless Gloves



Jess @ Chaleur Life


These Lego inspired crochet fingerless gloves are the perfect way of keeping your kiddo’s hands warm while they build away! ¬†Fits most children ages 5-12.

Materials List

Size “I” (5.5 mm) crochet hook Worsted weight yarn in primary colors (red, blue, yellow, green) and one neutral color (grey, black, white)

Finished Size

Approximately 8 inches in diameter (should fit most kids ages 5-12)


For this project, it is necessary to know how to do a clean color change. On the stitch before you are to change colors, crochet as normal but change colors before the final yarn over and pull through. When changing colors on the wrong side, make sure to keep the nonworking strings on the wrong side of your work. ¬†Each glove will have three colors, I’ve used A, B and C to help you keep track of them.

The Pattern

Pattern instructions can be found here.

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