Mary's Newsboy


Lorene Eppolite


This newsboy hat is both stylish and trendy.  It can also be made in a beanie style by omitting the brim.  This hat has interesting architectural features made by the shell/ cluster stitch and the front post double crochet used in the pattern.

This hat was inspired by a hat found in my mother’s closet after she passed away.  The overall look is the same though the fit and size are different.  I have searched for a similar pattern, so that I could give credit to my inspiration but I have not been able to find anything similar.

Materials List

Red Heart yarn or any worsted weight yarn

6.5mm (K) hook- or hook needed to obtain gauge

embroidery needle to weave in ends


Finished Size

Womens Finished length of hat is 7” and approx. 19-20” in diameter.


1st two rounds =  3”.
Measurement after round 4 is 6”


Be sure to use loose tension when making this hat

Brim is optional but will require two strands of same color.  You can either work from both ends of a skein or you can use two skeins. OR you can wind a ball to set aside before you begin (I wound the yarn around three of my fingers (closed) 50x to be safe)

Please watch this video on the magic circle/ring if you are unsure of this method

The first two rounds are made using one of my seamless methods (option 2), if you have any confusion with these steps please read this post- my seamless methods

As with any pattern please read the entire row/step before beginning to crochet.  Please watch any video’s suggested or read any posts suggested, if you need further clarification

Stitch counts for every round will be placed in brackets (<>)

The Pattern

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