If I Could Marry a Crochet Pattern – It Would Be Crochet Socks

When it comes to men, I confess, I have a hand fetish. I find big strong hands sexy. But with crochet, I have recently developed a bit of a thing for feet. I’m hopelessly and helplessly in love with two Interweave Crochet socks crochet patterns. So much so that I’m contemplating a serious commitment, dare I even say the “M” word?

Corset Socks Crochet Pattern

Corset Socks

Marrying a Sock Crochet Pattern

Yes, I’m ready to commit. I love them so much I’m ready to marry yarn to pattern and crochet these bad boys. The Corset Socks and Cloudstrider Spats have me giddy with excitement. I’m dreaming of the perfect venue to wear them and I’m picking out colors (and fibers). I’m ready to shout from the mountain top for everyone to hear. “I love you, my foot fabulous friends!”

Crochet in the Bedroom

Lace Cuffs

Lace Cuffs

As if it wasn’t enough that they speak to my quirky little foot fetish, these socks crochet patterns are part of two larger story that I adore. The Corset Socks are part of the “Siren Song” as seen in CrochetScene 2015. If I was just contemplating marriage before…this has me saying “I do!” I am definitely getting extra yarn because I have got to make the Lace Cuffs, too. Crochet has a place in the bedroom as this story clearly illustrates. Rrrrr…

Cloudstrider Spats

Cloudstrider Spats

Crocheting a Fantasy

The second story is quite different but also has me all aflutter. The Cloudstrider Spats are part of the steampunk story “Like Clockwork” in Interweave Crochet Accessories 2014. I’m a huge fan of fantasy fiction and this story definitely ratchets up my love affair with crochet. And the Tinker’s Toolbelt? Love, love, love. If you love sci-fi and fantasy as much or more than I do, you won’t want to miss this creative story.

Tinker's Toolbelt

Tinker’s Toolbelt

These socks crochet patterns have stolen my heart. I am head over heals in love. I can hardly wait for the big day when I have hook in hand and can start crocheting.

What about you. What patterns have you saying “I do”? I’d love to know.


See for yourself why I love CrochetScene 2015 and Interweawve Crochet Accessories 2014. Pick up your digital copies today.


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